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Today's consumer wants to stay in touch with family and friends while they are working or traveling overseas. The most convenient way is to carry a mobile phone and use the roaming service from the Mobile Phone Operator. However roaming service on mobile phone is expensive, let alone the compatibility problem of different mobile phone system is having, for example a GSM phone (Singapore) cannot be used in a CDMA (Japan) environment.

By subscribing to our Roam & Call service, all calls made to a Singapore mobile number can be routed to any overseas countries mobile number. What users need to do is just to divert all voice calls of the Singapore mobile number to a dedicated 'Virtual Number' assigned to the user before the departure from Singapore and log on to the web site to set the overseas number. Upon arrival in overseas countries, users will then be able to receive calls made to their Singapore mobile number on the overseas mobile number seamlessly. And to add to that advantage, we have integrated an International CallBack, WebCallBack and WebSMS service to trigger a call back to a registered overseas mobile number for calling out or SMS at a cheaper rate so as to make the service whole, hence ChatChat Roam and Call.

For this service, subscribers will need to pay a minimum monthly subscription fee and the usage. Alternatively, you can consider a lighter version of On-Demand International Roaming Service which provides similar service with less features. This service charge subsciption fee only after being used consecutively for 14 days.

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