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This is a prepaid service for IDD and Call Back calls, no worries on payment later. When the prepaid credit finished, you simply choose to top up conveniently by using credit card via e-top up or calling customer service. You will know your balance finishing soon as the available talk time for each call will be prompted to you before the connection. And the best thing is, you are able to configure to receive a copy of you monthly bill in soft copy so that you will know where exactly you called to & the charges incurred. Therefore it is best suited to individual, foreign student, expatriate, or even tourist who wants to have tight control over their IDD and local calls spending.

You may purchase the card using our shopping module and register any of your home, mobile or fax numbers yourself following the instructions given. You can register as many numbers as you want.
1)   First, dial the access number 6877 5977 from the number that you want to register. You will be prompted to select the language. Press One for English, Two for Chinese, Three for Tagalog (Philippines), Four for Indonesian, Five for Tamil, and Six for Thai.
2)   Enter the 12 digit card numbers upon hearing the next prompt.
3)   Press 4 to select to register phone numbers.
4)   Press 1 to confirm upon hearing the phone number read out to you.
5)   Alternatively, send SMS Commands from your mobile 'RE CardNo' to register mobile number or 'RE CardNo # PhoneNo' to register fixed line or other phone numbers. These SMS should be sent to +65 9229 5935. Refer to here for more details on SMS commands.
*   Note: Please use SMS or contact our customer service to register private numbers.

After registering the numbers, to make IDD calls, just dial,

If you have free in coming calls on your mobile phone plan, you can use Call Back to make both local and overseas call without incurring local airtime charges. The service works by disconnecting and returning your calls when you call from mobile phone.

The following demostrates the ways to dial:
i. For overseas calls: Dial 15260 + CountryCode + AreaCode + TelNo, and wait for call back. For M1 users, please dial 66229400 or 68775955, wait for call back, and then enter 'CountryCode+AreaCode+TelNo'.
ii. For local calls: Dial 66229400 or 68775955, wait for call back and then enter '65+TelNo'
iii. For overseas or local calls: SMS 'CA CountryCode + AreaCode + TelNo', to +65 9229 5935. E.g. 'CA6598888888' or 'CA60388888888'.

To configure to receive a copy of the monthly soft bill with complete call details, simply register your email address to your prepaid card pin number on-line. We will email it to you on second week of every month.

To find out more details about this service, please contact our customer service or refer to FAQ here.

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