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CHATCHAT IDD1526 is an effective, quality and cost savings IDD product that offered specifically to consumer market. Our network structure is interconnected with all the PSTN and Mobile network operators in Singapore. This enables our users to subscribe house lines, mobile lines or fax lines from any of the operators to dial directly, with the prefix "1526" before the overseas number, to call to any overseas country using our IDD service. Subscribers of our service will receive monthly bills detailing all the calls made and be able to make payment via on-line, GIRO, S.A.M. machines or any Singpost outlets. Best of all, there is NO registration and NO monthly subscription fee when you sign up!

Just Dial: (E.g. 1526+603+88888888 to Malaysia)

Apart from providing you great quality and value when you sign up for CHATCHAT IDD1526, you will enjoy a wide range of Value-Added Services that will cater to all your communication needs.

Value-added services

i)Local and International CallBack Service: Enables those with free incoming call plans to make local/international calls from mobile without incurring local air-time charges.
ii)WEB CallBack: Trigger calls online from anywhere!
iii)WEB SMS: Send Global SMS to your friends and family!
iv)On-Demand International Roaming: This service allows you to request for roaming Virtual Number to divert your Singapore number to an overseas number when you are in overseas. By doing that, you can cut down the hefty roaming chages everytime you answered a call on your roaming mobile and also will not miss any call on your Singapore number any more while you are in overseas.Click here for more information
iii)SMS Broadcast: Send SMS messages to multiple recipients through our website! Great tool for sending greetings and notifcations to family and friends.

With effect from 1st Dec 2008, IDD calls under the "Consumer Plan" that are 8 seconds or less will be FREE!

To find out more details, please contact our customer service.

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