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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1

- Fill up the application form to apply for the service.
- Get your account detail, especially the virtual number. Save the number in your mobile phone book if necessary.
- Log in our web site using your account information to configure the overseas number.
- Alternativaly, send a SMS to +65 9229 5935 with content of "IR Virtual Number#Overseas number" from a mobile number registered with our service. (E.g. IR6766xxxx#6012xxxxxxx)

Step 2

- Before departure from Singapore, divert all the voice calls to the virtual number by entering this command **21*Virtual Number# and press the call button on mobile phone.
- Alternatively, go the call setting function on most mobile phone to set the call divert of all voice call to the virtual number.

Step 3

- Upon touching down on the destination airport, you will start receiving calls calling to your Singapore numbers on your overseas number.
- If your overseas roaming number is an overseas mobile number, just replace your Singapore mobile SIM card with the overseas SIM card or insert the overseas SIM card into a compatible Mobile.
- SMS sent to your Singapore mobile number are still be receivable and can be replied using your Singapore mobile number if it is roaming in the destination country.
- When returning to Singapore, you should cancel Call Divert by entering this command #21# and press the call button on Singapore mobile phone.

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