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International Roaming service is a call forwarding service that forwards in coming mobile calls from Singapore to any overseas number.

Many mobile users use roaming service from their mobile operator when they are travelling to overseas in order to receive in coming calls to their Singapore mobile. However, that usually incurs hefty charges and cost many more time per minute than when the calls are answered in Singapore. By using this service, users have an alternative that can enjoy up to 80% savings call charges in comparison.

To use this service, users will need to have already or intend to have an overseas mobile or fixed line number to receive calls in the country they travel to. Users need to sign up the service which is an optional service under CHATCHAT IDD1526 service and register both their Singapore mobile and overseas number. After registration, users will be assigned a number, which is called Virtual Number, a log in account name and password. Users can log in to our web site or send a SMS to change the overseas number. Each Virtual Number assigned will incur a nominal monthly subscription fee.

To start using this service, the users should divert all voice calls to the Virtual Number before departure to the country that they are traveling to. Upon reaching their destination, the end-user will start to receive calls on the overseas number when someone calls their Singapore Mobile number. SMS service will still be receivable on their Singapore number while roaming. On returning to Singapore, the users should cancel all call divert on their Singapore mobile and all incoming calls will resume normal.

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