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Today's businesses require company management executive, sales and marketing executive, or account management executive to stay in touch with the company or customer while they are traveling. While it is convenience to carry a mobile phone and use the roaming service from the Mobile Phone Operator to make calls or receive call, the charges are expensive.

By registering to this service, users will be able to make calls from any overseas countries and save IDD charges of up to 60%. What the users need to do is simply register the Overseas Mobile Phone number that they will be using to this service. Once activated, user can initiate a call by using SMS or Missed CallBack service from any of the registered number to any overseas country, including Singapore.

For this service, subscriber do not need to pay a monthly fee and will only be charged when calls are being made. The charges of the calls will be based on the prevailing rate of the countries the calls are made from plus the countries to call to.

Subscribers to both International Callback and International Roaming service, may register the overseas number by sending to +6592295935 with content "IRVirtual Number#Overseas Number" from a mobile number that is already registered to your account. (E.g. IR6766xxxx#6012xxxxxxx). The virtual number will be assigned to you when subscribing to international roaming service. Please note that this command will also change your overseas roaming number to the new number at the same time.

With only one SMS, subcribers can now travel between different countries and still enjoy great savings by using our services.

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