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A fast and easy way to talk to multiple parties over the phone at one time. A combination of 3-way conferencing features on your phone lines and IDD 1526 would allow you to have ready access to dial-out type of conferencing service. For example, you can pick up the phone to dial a number to US using IDD 1526, follow by a press on the hold or conferencing button on the phone set to put the call on hold. Subsequently make another call, for example to Hong Kong again using IDD 1526. To make all it the conferencing call for three parties to hear and talk to each other, just press again the hold or conferencing button. Always check with your phone line operator if 3-way conferencing is available on your line before using.

What would happen if you have more than three parties to participate in the conference? This is when next level of audio conferencing will come in place. You can choose one of following type to suite your business needs.

Premier - A dedicated conferencing consultant monitors the entire duration of call. Providing any help that required during conferencing, e.g. Q&A, Meeting Manager.
Standard - A conferencing consultant greets and announce all parties and will leave when the conference starts. Participants can recall the consultant at any time throughout the duration of call by pressing "*0".
Unattended - This service requires booking. Different pass code may be chosen for each call.
Instant Meeting - This service does not require booking. Leader and participants' pass code are present and permanent.

All 4 type of these services do not require registration or monthly subscription fee. You pay only when you use. Much like IDD1526 services, you will be charged on the total minutes that you used the service, and presented with a monthly bill. Optional services such as participant report, recording in tape or CD, instant reply etc, are available at additional fee.

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